Alexis and Luke!!!

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A safe haven for Alexis, Luke and their fans. Dedicated to PC's most comical duo!!!

Alexis and Luke: Remember the days of the Cassadine adventure? The fun times Alexis and Luke used to have. The way Luke always made Alexis crazy with his teasing. They were one of General Hospital's most entertaining duo. No one could make you laugh like Alexis and Luke did when they shared a scene. True, the Cassadine stories weren't always very interesting but when you added Luke and "Natasha" to the mix it was anything but boring. Major possibility is that Helena will be back for revenge this summer and her number one target is Alexis. Who else would be brave enought, daring enought, and know the Cassadine tricks to help her? Why Luke of course. So here's a site dedicated to Alexis and Luke. Let's hope the summer bring them back in partnership, and who knows where it could lead. Romance? Let's hope.

Alexis and Luke
The comical duo!!!